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Pet Anti-Flea Collar

Pet Anti-Flea Collar

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Pet Anti-Flea Collar Retractable New Pet Anti-Flea Tick Dog Repellent Collar Up to 8 Months Protection Collar Repellent Accessories Pet Supplies

Protect your furry friend with our Pet Anti-Flea Collar! Our specially designed collar is effective in repelling fleas and ticks, keeping your pet free from pesky pests.

Give your pet the relief they deserve and enjoy a pest-free environment with our high-quality anti-flea collar.


1.  SAFE AND EFFECTIVE COLLAR: collars include the most effective all-natural formula used by leading brands in the pet care industry, We use citronella and other safe formulas, Our flea and tick collar can effectively help pets get rid of internal & external parasites and fleas, ticks, and other pests. We have specially treated the garlic essential oil so that it will not cause additional irritating reactions in pets.

2.  LONG-TERM PROTECTION: The flea and tick Collar’s innovative sustained release technology repels fleas, ticks, and other pests for 8 months with one easy-to-use, Natural citronella smell, non-greasy flea collar.

3.  UPGRADE DESIGN:  The flea and tick collar adds a emergency breaking point design that allows your dog and cat to walk and play in the rain or wet snow without worrying about their Safety and the effectiveness of the collar.

4.  PERFECT SIZE: ADJUSTABLE Size:  25in/62cm,15in/37cm,Adjustable one size fits all; collar fits small,medium and big dogs.. Simply adjust the collar to fit the length you need and cut off any remaining length.

5.  WATER RESISTANT COLLAR: Collar allows your beloved cats and dogs full protection at any time or places even in the rain, swimming or bathing. The collar will not need to be removed from your cat's neck until you want to replace it. However, immersing in water for a long time will shorten the protection time.

6.SUPPORT : Any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with timely, honest and efficient service.


Material: PVC plastic.
8 Month Protection:  One collar provides 8-months of continuous prevention.
Waterproof: No need to remove collar before bath tíme or playing in the rain because the materíal is waterproof.

Package Includes :1 * Pet Anti-Flea Collar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Faye Swift

Arrived in very fast time. The price quality formula is excellent. I recommend them. Tested in the 2023 season they keep parasites away

Leora Ferry

Great product, 2 time I buy, the first one is still on time and I bought this one to stop booking for when the other one comes to the time of disposal.
As described in the ad. I recommend it.

Ivory Torphy

Arrived in a very short time and packed very well in a plastic bag. Let's hope he does his job. I recommend the seller

Raul Lubowitz

The collars pulled their four-legged friends into their four-legged friends. 8 people were not given to the zabist on their packages. The smell of the bus is rich, not very bad. Bundles, rubber. I'll hear it from the flea and it's very bots for 8 miles to the zabist. And cats and dogs. I take the great rozmir for my pugs and I will wrap it up, I will not give too much.

Frederique Dach

Everything is as described, later we will see how it works